2018 CFO of the Future Summit

The next frontier of value creation will increasingly be built on ecosystems: a digitally-driven world where firm boundaries are blurred, multi-organization collaboration is the norm, data and analytics are the new currency, and customer outcomes are paramount.

2017 Next Generation Operations Summit

Emerging from the disruptive forces of global regulatory flux, cyber-security risk, machine learning and automation advances, and omni-channel consumer shifts is the promise of the next generation of supply chain business models. In this digital era, chief operating officers and chief supply chain officers will have an unprecedented opportunity to harness new business models and be on the forefront of growth and enterprise value.

2017 CFO of the Future Summit

Amidst a backdrop of deepening digital disruption, growing political uncertainty, increasing regulatory complexity, and shifting consumer preferences, one thing is certain — chief financial officers are creating a new agenda for growth.


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