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Leadership for a Networked World’s Public Safety Initiative provides transformational thought leadership and learning experiences for policymakers and executives designing the future of public trust, legitimacy, and value in policing.

No matter how good your policies and your procedures are, no matter how good your technology is, no matter how great your budget is, it all begins with people and relationships.

Art Acevedo
Chief, Miami Police Department

Over half of Public Safety leaders feel their organization is not prepared, or only somewhat prepared to sustain long-term transformation initiatives.

Attendees said politics, technology, and transparency were the top 3 drivers of change.

In the past five years, all Public Safety leaders reported experiencing moderate to extreme change.

These results were taken from surveys given to participants prior to their attendance at an LNW event.


In this episode of the Chief Growth Officer Podcast, Scott Thomson, former police chief of Camden, New Jersey shares his unique perspective on what it takes to move a policing organization through phases of innovation and change, and how lessons learned can be applied to organizations of all types.

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April 22, 2022 to April 24, 2022

2022 Public Safety Summit: Leading into the Emerging Future

The Public Safety Summit is the foremost academic research program and event for senior-most leaders to invent and realize the future of public safety and policing. To accomplish this goal, the Summit combines case studies from current public safety officials, insights from academic research, and expertise from industry experts. The Summit builds on and extends research from across Harvard University and features fresh case studies, peer-based problem-solving sessions, and topical workshops designed to create transformational solutions in public safety.


In 2008, when Scott Thomson became the Chief of the Camden Police Department, he faced an extraordinarily challenging situation. To begin with, he was taking over a police department that was tasked with ensuring safety in a municipality that was consistently rated one of the most dangerous...


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